Preparing for interview is absolutely crucial for your success. If you are caught by surprise, you may reveal something you did not really want to share just because you did not have any example ready. This could jeopardize your chances of getting the job.

Airindia Cabin crew interview is one of its kind, it is little different than other private airlines interviews since it is a government owned company so everything is based on paper works. A proper documentation is required before filling for any of its post.

Recently Airindia announced recruitments of nearly 900 cabin crews to replace its ageing crew as of now nearly 300 of crews selection is nearly to completion. Many candidates applied for the position of cabin crew some of them were experienced and some were fresher’s. It becomes difficult for a fresher to know all about the cabin crew interview procedures and techniques. Apart from simply looking good there is more to it a proper communication skills, with good command over English and Hindi language.

In this article, we will be discussing what rounds one has to go through while appearing for Airindia and how to perform during these rounds.

Initially to apply any government post one either has to apply online or via post.

Round 1 – Pre Registration

This is the first and foremost round and one should not take it easy as mentioned earlier govt. companies do take every paper work seriously so prepare beforehand while appearing for                              pre registration . A candidate must bring all documentation proof along with copies of same .This includes Education certificate, Experience certificate, Medical certificate and other miscellaneous certificates for added preference.

Round 2 – Grooming

Grooming of a candidate is extremely essential, as this is the prima facie of their selection a candidate should be well dressed in formal attires for both male and female candidates. During the grooming round one Airndia personnel will check for scars, tattoos and any other skin related ailments, which is visible, also the personnel is responsible for checking one’s smile so carry a big smile all the time as it will become a point of attraction.

Round 3 – Language Proficiency

Airindia is the national carrier of India so Airline is carrying a prestige when it comes to providing services therefore language is an essential form of communication. Airindia prefers English and Hindi which is our mother tongue any other regional language apart from those two is readily accepted but make no mistake during this round as you voice tonality is judged evenly with your fluency so make a habit of reading news paper, books and article in front of mirror so u can get better control on clarity and tonality of words. The examiner in this round will make candidates to read phrases on wide screen both in English and Hindi.


Round 4 – Personal Introduction

A fairly common round which every candidates anticipates during his interview but this is also not an easy round, to describe yourself in matter of few minutes providing all the essence of your life in words is not a easy game so better prepare yourself and try to find more about you. An introspective view is required from very beginning mugging up words will not help any candidates. A confident approach will help you for this round.

Round 5 – Group Dynamics

Group dynamics should not be confused with group discussion both have different aspects and importance. Every airline looks for teamwork and it is in every organization. Airindia put forward an activity which every individual need to perform in groups so maximum productivity can come out based on their coordination, teamwork and mutual understanding. Now this activity could be in the form of a play where whole group need to perform and participate or it could be in the form of game depends on what can come up.

Hope this article will help you to provide a brief insight on how cabin recruitments in India for Airindia takes place please stay tuned for more tips and advices…..